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6 Ways to Step into Spring (and Put a Spring in Your Step!)We all look forward to the first signs of spring. Whether it is the melting of snow revealing the first signs of green grass or the rainbow of colors dotting the hillside, we are brimming with anticipation and eagerness. Spring brings the promise of renewal, hope, and a return to longer days. It also provides the perfect opportunity to awaken our creative talents and infuse our souls with new energy and direction.

As a young child growing up on the Midwest plains, I remember the excitement of the first signs that the dark days of winter were history. The arrival of the first robin and the sprouting of tulips in the flowerbeds were proof that spring was here. It meant we could pack away the snow shovels and replace them with garden tools and lawn mowers. The season was welcomed with open arms as it brought smells of fragrant lilac bushes and days filled with sunshine and bright azure skies. It was as if the world was waking up again after months of hibernation through the darkness of the cold, harsh winter.

With spring at our doorstep, we can welcome rejuvenation and rebirth into our lives. It is the perfect time to begin new exercise routines, connect with your artsy side, try a new hobby, or plan a weekend getaway. The efforts we put forth into this revitalization and regeneration are paid back to us in a plethora of ways. Our souls will be replenished with the breath of new life. We can unleash an unbridled spirit in ourselves, fueling us to soar while we shed that which is stale and worn.

Here are six ways to instill new life and put a spring in your step, as you step into spring:

S = SAVOR the feeling of accomplishment by starting something new. Whether it is a home project or a workout routine, get going.

P = PLAN a getaway to recharge your battery and give yourself a goal to work towards. A respite infuses new energy and zest and is a great doldrums-buster.

R = REPLENISH your old self by nurturing what is tired or mundane. Get a massage, schedule a make-over, or try a new hairstyle to change the ordinary into extraordinary.

I = INSPIRE a new wave of creativity by taking a class in art, cooking, photography, foreign language, or whatever strikes your fancy. This is a fun way to meet new people while learning new skills.

N = NOURISH the soul within by carving out quiet time and solitude each day. Spend time writing in a journal, watching nature, listening to soft music, or engaging in meditation or yoga.

G = GROW your spirit. Take great care to surround yourself with positive energy sources that feed your soul, light your path, and enrich your journey.

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