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In celebration of Forgiveness Day, today, let’s push the pause button and stop for a moment! Why is it important to practice the art of forgiveness in our lives? What does it accomplish?

Forgiveness is an act we do for ourselves, for our own emotional well being. It allows us to unload the burdens of emotional baggage that are weighing us down and sucking the life out of us!

When we make peace with our pain, anger, and injustice, it will allow our wings to carry us up and away so that we may soar to a “lighter” life! Not practicing forgiveness keeps us stuck in the muck!

Who wants or needs that? Make a commitment today to move towards a happier and lighter life by letting go of the old wounds and hurts of yesterday. Open your heart to the act of forgiveness and remove the anchors that keep you in the murky waters of pain. It is transforming and healing for the body and soul.

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