Holiday Miracles

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When is the last time you can say you witnessed a real live miracle? Or maybe you are in that group of people who are sort of skeptical about the concept and admit that the whole idea of a “miracle” is really fun to imagine but is not, in reality, actually possible. Well, I get it, and if believing in miracles is too much of a stretch for you, let me share a tiny piece of my own life story with you.

A few weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving, my husband went into the hospital for a scheduled heart procedure to open some blocked coronary arteries. Worst case scenario happened and he ended up returning at midnight to the cath lab for the repair of a torn artery in his heart which was causing life-threatening cardiac tamponade, and cardiogenic shock.

He was in the Intensive Care Unit for a week before coming home to recover. Our 4 adult children all arrived from their homes in other states and cities to see their Dad and support us during these scary days of his near-death experience. His expert medical team, cutting-edge medical procedures, and many pints of blood transfusions saved his life. However, nobody is denying the obvious, that the One orchestrating this miracle of miracles to save him was not wearing a white coat. Nor did He have a degree in medicine or nursing. But, we believe He was behind the miracles that we witnessed that night as the room filled up with some of our nation’s most skilled doctors and nurses rushing to institute life-saving medical procedures to save my husband’s life. Yes, miracles do indeed take place and we have living proof!

So, this year, as my family gathers around the Christmas tree, we will focus on many miracles, the miracle of new life with our two new grandbabies born this year, and the baby Jesus in the manager, the reason for the season. And, we will focus on the gift of more time with my husband and our growing family. Yes, we believe in God’s miracles, there will be one sitting at our table this Christmas!

May the true joy of this holiday season infuse your soul with God’s peace and love as we celebrate the MIRACLES all around us and the gift of each and every day!

With my Love and Blessings Always, Deborah

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