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As the end of another year draws near, I find myself contemplating the past twelve months and what I have experienced, and learned, the joys and sorrows, and how life has changed. Six months ago, we sold our Houston home and moved to the Texas hill country where we are building our new retirement home. So many emotions involved in leaving a city that has been our base for over 30 years. But, when things start to line up with ease, you realize that maybe this is all supposed to happen just as it is and something much bigger is really going on.

The holidays have always been a time of reflection for me. It is a chance to ponder what the year has taught me through lessons, and changes. Through this reflection, it is possible to examine how I have grown (hopefully) and stretched myself in new ways to move towards a better version of myself. This past year has been defined by change, chaos, and new beginnings. Our comfort zones are always safe, secure and predictable. Leaving those safety nets for the unknown is scary and unsettling but is the only pathway to new adventures and growth.

As I think about how the past several months have pushed me to move ahead to explore new places, meet new people, make new friends, and seize the opportunities that are in front of me, I realize that I am reaching into the unknown. Life is short, and every day is a gift as we all know. Losing two dear friends in the past year has been sobering for me as I am reminded life is precious and fleeting. I have learned that we must seize the moment—whatever that applies to in life. And the reason this is relevant for us at this point in time is that my husband has dealt with serious health issues in the past several years, so it makes sense now to live closer to more of our family.

Another reason this move has had a different framework is that our previous moves all involved my husband’s career opportunities. However, this time there have been other factors at work, including the attraction to moving closer to our grandchildren which has played prominently in our decision making. Looking back on 2023, I see how things have lined up quite well and as one door after another has opened for us, we have continued to feel this life change was meant to be. I am a believer that when the stars align and the new plan is falling into place, you have clarity that this dream is meant to be and as I like to also frame it—God is working His plans for your life so GO WITH IT!

Now as we all prepare to welcome in another new year soon, let’s focus on the lessons and takeaways of 2023 and how they can help us to stretch and reach up to places beyond our comfort zones. Despite the anxiety to be leaving behind that which is known, to push towards that which is unknown, there is merit in the personal growth that results.

Cheers to a life predicated on living and loving-BIG!! May you enjoy a holiday this year that is blessed with LOVE and JOY and may 2024 bring all of the wonderful new beginnings you are hoping for! Remember to always move towards the light and you will find your way!

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