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On this National “MAKE A FRIEND” day I want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to my precious ‘new’ friends I met through a posting on our local NEXT DOOR—neighborhood app in 2017. And, a couple months ago this wonderful new friendship group had the unexpected pleasure to be highlighted as a model for making new friends on THE DR. PHIL SHOW!

Our story goes like this——
Four years ago a local lady by the name of Cynthia was missing having close female friendship connections and she posted a note on NEXT DOOR asking if anyone was interested in forming a friendship group centered on having fun, meet ups for dinner, and sharing a glass of wine. Cynthia was quickly overwhelmed when nearly 200 ladies answered this ad on NEXT DOOR and were eager to jump in and form a group with other ladies in the neighborhood. She had to cap the group off at 30, to be practical and keep the gatherings more intimate and realistic. We call ourselves the ‘Waterside Wine Women’ and through this lovely group of amazing ladies, I have found treasured new friends that are genuine, authentic, fun, supportive and loyal. What makes us unique is that each of us stepped out of our comfort zones to answer the call for NEW female friendship four years ago when the opportunity was suddenly smack in front of us!

In December, we had the honor to be recognized on THE DR. PHIL SHOW as an example of stepping away from comfort zones at any age or stage and reaching out for new friendships! It was fun to share our story on national tv through a ZOOM show as we all try to spread the merits of female connection during these difficult pandemic times! Now more than ever, we need our neighbors, our friends, and our community! It is the recipe for survival in these crazy months, and it is NOT OPTIONAL, it is ESSENTIAL! Our physical and emotional health depends on it!

The take-away from this life experience for me has been this: When the doors to new friendships are suddenly opened right in front of you, it is NOT an accident! Seize the moment, seize the golden opportunity and walk through the doors! What do you have to lose— just maybe a wonderful new friend or group of friends that will feed your soul, lift you up during the dark times, and celebrate life’s biggest joys with you! You don’t want to miss all of that, do you?


With LOVE,

*****As a Friendship Expert, I have many more tips to share on how to make new friends in my book, “THE HEALING POWER OF GIRLFRIENDS” sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target.

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